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Marco Custom order


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Marco Custom order

40 x Africa Badges black and gold (R49 discount to R44)

Ladies Tees 24fit red:  (R 159 discount to R138 per tee) 

  • small x 3
  • medium x 5
  • XL x 1 

Mens 24 fit red tee:  (R 159 discount to R138 per tee) 

  • small x 1
  • large x 3
  • XL x 1

Other items: 

  • 1 x 24 navy ladies hoodie (SIZE M) R419 discount to R389
  • 1 x ladies lime solo hoodie with 24 fit branding (size M) R399
  • 1 x ladies premium sports jkt (SIZE M) R499
  • 1 x mens sports premium jkt (SIZE XL) R499
  • 1 x mens 24fit hoodie (SIZE XL) R420 discount to R389